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XOYO Unveils Room 2 Revamp
XOYO Room 2 Upgrade

Renowned East London club, XOYO, has unveiled their revamped Room 2 in the run up to The Black Madonna’s Residency. With the help of XOYO regular, Artwork, Room 2 has been given a new lease of life with the renovations which leaves Room 2 in the same industrial style as the main room.

The club which is owned by the same company as Phonox in Brixton, The Colombo Group, has seen an upgrade in the PA system along with moving the booth to a more central position. On top of that, the room has been made darker and the sound quality on the dancefloor has also been improved with the addition of acoustic absorption foam layered across the walls.

Artwork has played in the club several times across the last few years and is delighted with the changes to the room having been quoted saying, “XOYO’s Room 2 was shit. I made it better.” Artwork will be the first DJ to spin there this Friday before taking over the main space downstairs for The Black Madonna’s residency. Friday’s party will also feature Midland.

Andy Baxter who is not only the Director of the club but also its head booker has said, “Our initial thought with room two was to have it as bar which you can dance in. As it went on we found ourselves adding more lighting to make it more clubby. We decided to take the plunge, spend the money and get the builders in to make it a great club room.”

In what will be a welcome addition to the clubbing institution, we can’t wait to see it in action!

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