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How Would A 3 Day Weekend Affect Clubbing?

The UK Green Party has put forward the idea of a three day weekend amidst concerns over our nation’s health.

Whilst all of us, without hesitation, shouted “YES” at the screen thinking it’ll mean a longer sesh without the need to call in sick on a Monday morning; the reality is there is only a 0.01% chance it would ever happen.

In spite of TV shows such as Britain on Benefits and Benefit Street telling us the UK is nothing more than a lazy nation of scroungers – it really isn’t.

Made up of people from many countries, there is an admirable work ethic instilled in the UK – and a solid workforce which keeps the country running smoothly for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In a sad state of affairs, most of the country would jump at the chance to work a few more hours rather than take time off – as let’s face it, we all feel we are underpaid and deserve more money.

The huge negative in living on our island is everything is overpriced. From one bedroom flats in London for half a million, to double vodka’s for fifteen quid in a half decent restaurant, or car insurance twice as expensive as last year despite having 14 years of no claims.

With the cost of living on the up and the nation struggling to survive, cutting your working week by 20% simply isn’t an option for most of us. In fact, it’s a fucking stupid idea.

Losing one-fifth of your salary for a third weekend day based on a politician telling you it’ll keep you healthier for longer really isn’t on the agenda of any normal person. We need to work because we need money to have fun.

Yes, it really is that simple.

An extra day to go and do the things you enjoy doesn’t cut it if you don’t have the disposable income to do those fun things – like go clubbing. Entry is expensive, drinks are expensive, drugs are expensive.

Nightclubs by their very nature are already suffering, with more and more people opting to socialise in a pub at the weekend – so diluting the Friday and Saturday by having to open on a Sunday too is never going to work (unless you are Fabric as WetYourSelf is off the chain).

The depressing truth is people seem to be spending more time in the gym these days – wearing their best activewear, getting sweaty, looking to attract a mate whilst pumping iron.

This used to happen in nightclubs – but the gym is a cheaper place to look good.

What would be the point in fighting for a third weekend day if nobody could do anything about it except sit around watching NetFlix? Hold up, I may have just sold it to myself at the very last minute…

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