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Is Facebook Live Streaming The New Pirate Radio?
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In an era of illegal streaming costing television networks, record labels, musicians and sports people millions, how on earth has Facebook got away with their live stream app? Surely it is asking people to break the law?

Back in the day, before the internet (yes some of us remember those times), pirate radio was the place to go for your underground music requirements.

For me it was East London’s Rinse FM which smashed out the garage and house vibes, offering an early education in the art of music away from the mainstream.

Later in life, I tuned to South London’s Select Radio – hoping to land a show myself which sadly never materialised due to the competitive nature of the game. There were hundreds of talented DJs who deserved an audience.

Pirate radio has of course fallen by the wayside, due to such easy access to underground music freely available in so many places.

Yet what Facebook has offered up is underground music, live and direct to your laptop or phone, for free, this instant.

Many bedroom DJs have utilised the platform to showcase their talent and record collection; which is basically the laziest version of pirate radio because it cuts out the pain of putting up an aerial on a high-rise block of flats and trying to gain interest in a crackling station that you hope listeners might persevere with.

Fans and ravers can now stream from the dance floor – and there’s not a thing anybody can do about it.

In a world of instant gratification, Facebook has created the perfect solution for narcissists and lazy bastards. You can showcase yourself to the world without getting out of bed, with one click of a button.

Where the bedroom DJ sees live stream as an opportunity; superstars see it as an infringement; no doubt wondering how to put a stop to it.

Like anything in modern day culture, this will eventually become boring because the market for it will become saturated. However whilst it still hasn’t reached its potential, and people are still learning how to earn money from it – there is a huge scope for the next Carl Cox to be found, sitting in the spare room of his mums house playing a few records – potentially putting the actual Carl Cox to the back of people’s minds.

Facebook live stream has created a type of X-Factor for bedroom DJs whilst annoying everybody else already making money from the trade.

What was pirate radio? Simply a man’s voice talking shit over a few tunes hoping to influence a few music lovers.

Nowadays we get to see his bedroom too. Brilliant.

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