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This ‘Selectors’ Video From Dekmantel Gives You A Peek At The Genius Of Young Marco.

This super-cool Selectors Video released by Dekmantel this month gives a peek behind the curtain that is Young Marco in a month where the label also sees the release of Marco’s ‘Palace Green Beans’ release.


Giving us a behind-the-scenes view of the artist; cheeky, funny and a bit of a messer are only some of the ways Young Marco is described in the latest edition of ‘Selectors’ videos released by the Dekmantel outfit.

Hailing from Amsterdam, we are given a delightful insight into how Young Marco’s influences impacted on his imagination as he discusses how his home city, being heavily drawn to Hip-Hop, was a key factor in his style of mixing and his approach to DJing.

“Amsterdam was really really a Hip-Hop city and a lot of DJs in Amsterdam that came from Amsterdam that’re playing now came from that scene also and that has a bit of a factor in that kinda direct mixing thing, just chuck a record in so I think I took a bit of that into the way I DJ”

Not only do we see the components that inspired his genius, but also we gain an understanding of his mentality too, as is highlighted by German DJ Woody in the video, how by being persistent, sticking to what he believed in and playing tracks he liked got him where he is now.

“I think his success now is definitely persistence on his part and also taking it seriously and don’t forget this guy played records that people did not like for a long time.”

Young Marco goes on to emphasize how important this is for new artists by saying:

“You can only overcome your insecurities by failing; to understand dancefloors you have to clear dancefloors”

He finishes off by speaking about making the right mistakes when DJing in order to succeed for yourself.

“Sometimes you have a room full of people and half of them will never enjoy the music you’re playing, so if you put on the right song to piss them off and make them leave then you’re left with the other half, which will have a great time and that’s making the right mistake”.

Palace Green Beans is the sixth release in the ten-part undertaking of Dekmantels 10 year celebration and is 4 track EP from Young Marco, Suzanne Kraft, Tom Trago & Awanto 3. Download it over on the main Traxsource site here.

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