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Why San Antonio Could Be The Place To Be This Summer

It’s fair to say that San Antonio’s fall from grace in recent years has been quite extreme. What was once known as the party capital of Ibiza quickly became the chavvy little brother to Playa d’en Bossa and, as our friends over at Wunderground joked, mentioning San Antonio in certain clubbing circles was almost like saying a swear word. However, after a number of years in the wilderness, it looks like San Antonio is finally starting to make a comeback. Here’s exactly what could make San Antonio the place to be in Ibiza this summer.

Here’s exactly what could make San Antonio the place to be in Ibiza this summer.

First up we’ve got Eden. The club has long been considered a sleeping giant and it finally looks to be waking from its slumber. Over the last few years, the club and its promoters have been making a real effort to bring back the underground feeling and some quality house and techno nights to San Antonio, and boy was the town crying out for it. This year, Eden’s line up is bigger and bolder than it has been at any point in the last ten years. Brands like Faction, Magna Carta and Audio Rehab continue to go from strength to strength while Eden welcomes two brand new world class nights in the form of Defected and Taste the Punch on Sundays and Fridays respectively.

The next place to look in San Antonio this year is Ibiza Rocks Hotel, along with their dedication to being the only venue to bring some of the biggest bands in the world to Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks are taking their pool parties to the next level in 2017.

Craig David returns with his hugely popular TS5 every Thursday between 20 July and 21 September. Plus the ever growing Do Not Sleep have announced a full season of pool parties in the hotel every Sunday from the 20 May. As if that wasn’t enough, the world’s most in demand clubbing brand, elrow, brings its craziness for two exclusive pool parties on 8 & 22 August.

Looking at this it’s pretty clear to see that anyone staying in San Antonio is going to be spoiled for choice this summer, especially when you consider everything else the town has going for it and with rumour of a possible return for Space happening somewhere within the town boundaries in 2018 we think it’s only a matter of time before San Antonio takes its place back at clubbing’s top table.

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