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New Track ‘Lovelee Dae’ Sees Amine Edge & Dance Drift Further Away From G-House

Whether it was just a trend or not, it’s obvious that Amine Edge & Dance are kingpins when it comes to G-House as they’ve brought it to club dancefloors and festivals across the globe as they mixed House music with a fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B. However, now they’re looking to take a different approach to their music as they feel those who are producing G-House lack the proper understanding of the genre.

“We are often affiliated with it but we do not like most of the music that comes out under this name (G-House), we truly think we are unique and this confusion was brought about by people who have no clue of what we really are”

The duo’s change is evident after they went on to explain how they don’t fall into the one category of music and that they are much more than just G-House.

“We are not a G-House duo, we are way more than that, we fight hard to be recognised as a very eclectic duo and not to be in a very specific box”

Their new track ‘Lovelee Dae’, a remix of Blaze classic, is proof of how they are veering away from the G-House scene.

As with anything the duo have sampled, there’s always a risk when tampering with a much-loved classic record. It can be ruined or it can taken to a whole new level. With this update Amine Edge & Dance do the original justice and then some. The duo retains a lot of the elements of the original track that made it so special but in true Amine Edge & DANCE style, Lovelee Dae now comes with added punch, guaranteed to go off on the dance floor.

These two keep going from strength to strength and 2017 has been their biggest year yet, and with lots going on behind the scenes this looks to continue into the New Year. Expect to hear this track being blasted out all over the world soon.

Grab it on the main Traxsource site here.

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