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London Venue Installs Brass Mixer Which Is “Impossible To Distort”

Audiophiles rejoice!

London venue, Spiritland has installed a new solid brass mixer that was designed in collaboration with Justin Greenslade from Isonoe, Felix de Pass and Pentagram over the course of two years. Greenslade has been commissioned to build custom mixers for Dixon and Floating Points in the past.

The London listening bar has described the mixer as “a physical manifestation of Spiritland’s core beliefs – excellence in creativity, simple, elegant design and the pursuit of audio perfection.”

The front is a hand-machined 20kg solid brass panel with billet-machined brass knobs boasting 12 inputs across four channels.

The mixer is capable of delivering +22dBM at a total harmonic distortion of lower than 0.003 per-cent. Spiritland claim that “it is impossible to distort”.

Unfortunately, we can’t show you the sound and you’ll just have to go to hear it for yourself but what we can show you is what it looks like!

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