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Here’s What Going Clubbing Every Weekend Costs You In A Year

Clubbing is easily one of the most lucrative industries in entertainment, it creates millions of jobs and brings in billions of dollars every year and for one very good reason. It’s a lot of fun. However, this fun comes at an expense and it’s definitely not a small one. So, in order to help you realise the cost of fun we’ve decided to calculate what you’ll spend in a year if you go clubbing every weekend.

Here at Traxsource Magazine, we like to enjoy ourselves and be thrifty at the same time so the very first item going on our list our party supplies. These can vary an awful lot depending on the person, they include pre-drinks, tobacco and all sorts of other supplies to help enhance your party experience and can set you back anywhere between £5 and £50, modestly.

Next up, you’re going to need to and from the club and, most likely to an after party afterwards. We’d like to think this can be done using public transport but in reality, taxis are going to come into the equation too, either because the buses are finished or because you just can’t face the public. Our estimations say that, on average, you’ll be paying somewhere between £8 and £30 each on transport during a night out.

Next up you’ve got to pay into the club, this will obviously vary an awful lot depending on where you’re going or who you’re going to see. There are some clubs who charge extortionate entrance fees but, for argument’s sake, let’s ignore them and go with an average of price of somewhere between £5 for a local night and £20 to see one of your favourite international acts.

Now that you’re in the club the real spending starts. Expensive drinks, cloakrooms and various tips can all add up to cost you quite the pretty penny. Our estimations are that the very cheapest you’ll get away with spending on a night out is about £30 and that number can go as high as you can imagine but, in the interest of the working man, we’re going to cap it at a staggering £150.

Even the most dedicated clubbers won’t be able to manage to go out every weekend, various things can pop up that will cause you to miss a week here and there so we’re going to base our calculations on a forty week year, giving you a full one week off per month. Now, here’s the bit where you need to listen. Based on our calculations you will be spending somewhere in between £1,920 and £10,000 per year on clubbing, which averages out at a whopping £5,960 per year clubbing. So, to be clear that’s $7,698 or even €7,048.

What are your thoughts? Are you spending more, or less? Let us know in the comments…

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