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4 Of The Best DJ Desks You Buy

For the working DJ, some kind of home set up is essential – you need somewhere to practice your mixes, to work out which tunes go together, and somewhere you can rehearse timing your air punches perfectly with the bass drop. DJ desk design has moved on from the days when any old kitchen table would do, and there are now a wide variety of designs and price points to suit every DJs needs. We take a look at some of the different designs on the market.

Sefour X60 Studio DJ Desk

Sefour produces a lot of different furniture options for DJs. This particular bad boy comes in a classy walnut or more imposing black finish and has monitor and laptop stands. A nice touch for the more studio inclined DJs is the inclusion of space for 4U standard size racks. The X60 also comes with a tasty quick release pull out keyboard draw for you to fill with effects and drum boxes. Its added functionality is reflected in its price which is around $320.

Glorious Mix Station

Making their first of two appearances in our round-up, are Glorious, purveyors of great looking DJ furniture. The Glorious Mix Station comes in Black or White, we think the white looks pretty cool and European art-house. Glorious say that it’s made with ‘Anti-Vibration Construction’ which sounds useful and it provides space for a pair of decks and a mixer, along with basic storage for a couple of flight cases or an amp. The cable ducts that they’ve included should be standard on every single piece of DJ furniture. Its only drawback is that as it doesn’t come with any kind of stand for a laptop, controller or CDJs, this is definitely a desk for a vinyl DJ.

A simple, clean looking solution that comes in around $170.

Vonyx Mobile DJ Booth

Produced by speaker manufacturer Vonyx, this is a great little set up for DJs who need to be mobile. The Vonyx Mobile DJ Booth is fully collapsible, light enough to transport easily, and comes with that all important laptop/controller stand in addition to the decks and mixer space. If your needs are mobile, this tough, no-nonsense deck may well be the one for you; what it lacks in glamour it makes up for in practicality. Again, this retails at around $170

Glorius Session Cube XL

Glorius’s latest design is the Session Cube XL, a beautiful looking piece of DJ furniture that will set you back around $550. The Session Cube may well be a triumph of design over function as, to be honest, this desk isn’t particularly well specced for a DJ desk, but what it lacks in functionality it more than makes up for in good looks. Its unique selling point is the integrated LED which comes with remote control colour changing and which we have to admit looks pretty cool. An additional glass lap top stand is available as an extra too.

(All prices are approximate and will vary from dealer to dealer and country to country).

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